Tax when ordering or sending goods from abroad

Tax on goods ordered from or bought abroad How much tax and duty is payable if buying or sending goods or gifts from abroad for delivery to the UK - including Internet orders

Buying from abroad on the Internet - what to look out for Paying tax and/or duty on top of the advertised purchase price, buying goods for someone else, what goes on the Customs Declaration

Sending personal goods back to the UK from abroad Rules on sending personal items to the UK from abroad, what to put on the customs declaration, filling in a C3 form

Customs procedures for goods posted to the UK Completing a Customs Declaration, who's responsible for the information on it, what customs checks are made, other customs forms

Goods posted outside the EU: tax payments, queries or refunds Who pays the tax and duty - when and how, paying a handling fee to Royal Mail/Parcelforce, what to do if you return the goods

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