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FILMCLUB is a web based not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting the creation and success of film clubs in schools.

FILMCLUB FILMCLUB is a service that helps teachers and their pupils set up after school film clubs to watch and discuss a range of films, from blockbusters that will be well-known to the students, to foreign language, classic and black and white films that they may not have the chance to view anywhere else. FILMCLUB is based on the idea that viewing a diverse range of films will have a beneficial impact on generations of children as they grow up. FILMCLUB identifies the barriers to successful film clubs and helps schools to meet the associated burdens. 

FILMCLUB is funded by the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCFS) in England. Film Club will receive £11.4 million from DCSF between 2008 and 2011 for the roll-out of Film Club to 7,000 schools over 3 years.

Find out more on the FILMCLUB website.

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