Museums in North West to receive funding boost

1 April 2010

£200,000 for People’s History Museum in Manchester and
£500,000 for National Museums Liverpool

Culture Minister Margaret Hodge today announced funding for museum projects in Manchester and Liverpool.  Grants have been awarded to:

  • The People’s History Museum in Manchester, who will receive  £200,000 for a feasibility study to look at how it might house a new Museum Centre for British History; and

  • The Walker Art Gallery and Juniper Street 1 projects, part of National Museums Liverpool, who will share £500,000 for capital projects.

Margaret Hodge said:

“The People’s History Museum is a superb showcase for the study of British social and political history, and tells the story of the development of our democracy in a compelling and imaginative way.  So it’s an ideal base for the creation of a centre for the study of British history, linked to other research centres, universities and museums.  This new funding of £200k will help the museum take forward a feasibility study and some internal work to look at how a new Centre might best be established.  I look forward to seeing the results.”

The redevelopment of the People’s History Museum has been taking place over the last two years.  The new museum, comprising a refurbished Victorian pumphouse and a new development, will help to tell the story of the growth of democracy, and will also house important exhibits and archives from the major political parties.   DCMS provides a grant contribution annually, amounting to £178k in 2010-11, and further funding comes from a range of sources, including the Greater Manchester local authorities.  This new funding will support further work to look at how the Museum might also house a Centre for British history.

The funding for National Museums Liverpool will be added to their capital grant-in-aid for 2009-2010, and will support work on two projects: 

  • Walker Art Gallery Roof – to  remove, repair and replace leadwork to the main entrance Portico, completely remove a tiled roof above Room 11 replace leadworks, re-introduce passive ventilation into roof space and replace tiling.

  • Juniper Street 1 – to re-cover the roof on the two land transport stores, improving thermal values and encapsulating asbestos roofing material, upgrade lighting, replace heating and replace external security doors.

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