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Party donations and borrowing

Weekly donations and borrowings 2010During the UK general election period, political parties are required to report donations received and borrowing entered into on a weekly basis.

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Voting issues review

Polling stationWe want to hear from voters affected by problems on election day. The information received will help us review what went wrong and what needs to change.

Read our news release about the review

Election results

Elections in Great Britain are run on a constituency by constituency basis. This means verified results are not collected centrally. However, results are available from other sources including the BBC.

We will publish verified results in the following months.

Keeping votes safe

Electoral fraud is relatively rare, but one instance is one too many. That's why we work with the police and Returning Officers, and supply a variety of resources to help tackle malpractice and promote the integrity of elections.

Anyone who has evidence of fraud taking place should report it to the police.

Election candidates' expenses deadlines

Election candidates should be aware of deadlines around election expenses.

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