Department for Culture Media and Sport


We aim to maintain, support and protect a dynamic media, extending the benefits of the digital revolution to all UK citizens and promoting strong public service broadcasting.

We strive to take account of the views and interests of the UK citizen in our decision-making as the Government Department with responsibility for the BBC Charter review, the self regulation of the press, and - jointly with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) - for Digital TV switchover.

We want to ensure that we foster fair and effective competition, promote high quality broadcasting from a diverse range of sources, provide a high level of consumer protection, and safeguard freedom of expression.

We work closely with the industry and consumer groups as well as regularly consulting on key issues to help ensure these aims are met.

Our success stories and initiatives in this area are available below.

You can also find detailed information about our work in the "What we do" section of this site.

Some of our projects and initiatves:

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