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Welcome to the DCMS website. The site is very simple to use and we hope you will find the navigation intuitive. If you get lost, the 'home' tab at the top left of every page will always take you to the home page. Here are some useful tips:

Top Navigation bar

The links underneath the main banner will take you to the main areas of the site:

  • about us - here you can find out about our main priorities
  • what we do - this section covers the government policy areas we are responsible for
  • working with us - if your query is about procurement contracts, public appointments or job vacancies, this section also provides notes and application forms
  • reference library - gateway to DCMS archives of annual reports, consultations, publications, freedom of information responses and media releases.
  • press - a quick link to media releases, current as well as archive.


Links in text are brown, bold and will underline when you move your cursor over them.  Except where you see white text inside coloured panels.  Here links are bold, white and undeline on rollover.


Every page on our website has a 'bread crumbs' trail showing you how you arrived at your current page. For example the trail at the top of this help page reads your home > help.  You can use the trail to go back to a previous stage by clicking on the link.

Searching this website

The search facility is located at the top right of every page. Results are sorted by relevance and also indicate the type of document, for example PDF or HTML. 

Site Map

The sitemap lists all the links throughout the site, just click on the small arrow to expand each section. 

Access Keys

We have provided access keys (press alt and 0 together then enter) for people who need or prefer keyboard shortcuts to navigate.

Downloading files

To download any documents on our website: Click the right-mouse button over the relevant links and choose ' Save Target As...' , you'll then be able to save the document in the appropriate place on your computer and view offline at your leisure

The majority of our documents are published in Adobe PDF format, and are clearly marked with the file size. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents. If you don't already have it, you can download free from the Adobe website

Visually impaired users whose screen reader software is not compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above can find online tools that convert PDF documents into text at the Adobe accessibility website.  Please read our accessibility pages for more information.


Every page also has a 'printer friendly' version - look for the link at the bottom of the page. A new window will open which removes the navigation elements.

Optimum viewing

This website has been tested on a range of platforms and browsers. 

PCs: Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 1.5 or later, Mozilla 1.6 or later or Opera 8 or later
Macs: Safari ver 1.3 or later, Firefox 1.5 or later or Opera 8 or laer.   

Screen resolutions

You can set your computer to display different screen resolutions.  DCMS website has been designed to work best in 800 x 600 pixels. For information on adjusting the display resolution try the help files in your operating system or consult the manufacturer's website.

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