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Our mission encapsulates our purpose and why we exist. We measure our performance and success against the cross-government Public Service Agreements on which we lead delivery and against our Departmental Strategic Objectives.

Our mission

Our mission defines how we are building a dynamic and competitive UK economy.

We will do this by creating the conditions for business success; by promoting innovation, enterprise and science; and by giving everyone the skills and opportunities to succeed.

And to achieve this we will foster world-class universities and promote an open global economy.

Public Service Agreements

The Department for Business leads delivery on five of the cross-government Public Service Agreements (PSAs), which set out the key priority outcomes the Government wants to achieve in the spending period to March 2011.

  • PSA 1: Raise the productivity of the UK economy
  • PSA 2: Improve the skills of the population, on the way to ensuring a world-class skills base by 2020
  • PSA 4: Promote world class science and innovation in the UK
  • PSA 6: Deliver the conditions for business success in the UK
  • PSA 7: Improve the economic performance of all English regions and reduce the gap in economic growth rates between regions

The Department is also a key delivery partner for a number of other PSAs. You can read more on Public Service Agreements on the Treasury website.

Departmental Strategic Objectives

The Department’s seven DSOs have been agreed with BIS Ministers and HM Treasury. They provide the Department with a clearer and coherent framework for delivery and business planning, and the effective and robust monitoring of performance.

  • DSO 1: Foster a world-class science and knowledge base and promote the commercial exploitation of knowledge, global excellence in research and better use of science in Government
  • DSO 2: Increase innovation, enterprise and the growth of business, with a focus on new industrial opportunities and bringing benefits to all regions
  • DSO 3: Deliver free and fair markets, with greater competition
  • DSO 4: Ensure that Government departments and agencies deliver better regulation
  • DSO 5: Improve the skills of the population through excellent further education and world-class universities, to build a more economically competitive, socially mobile and cohesive society
  • DSO 6: Provide the professional support, capability and infrastructure needed to deliver our objectives and programmes, working effectively with our partner organisations to deliver public service excellence
  • DSO 7: Ensure that Government acts as an effective and intelligent shareholder, and provide excellent corporate finance expertise within Government