Primary Framework: Literacy

The literacy area of the Primary Framework contains a range of resources and materials to support the development, planning and teaching of all aspects of literacy.

Assessment for Learning (AfL)

To help identify when assessment can be built into day to day teaching and learning, the assessment sections of the exemplified planning units have been updated for Key Stage 2. They contain recommendations on which of the Assessment foci for reading and writing it might be appropriate to concentrate on.

The guidance also identifies how the different elements of literacy sessions, such as guided and shared writing, can be used to assess pupils’ progress through discussions and observation.

Example unit: Year 5 Non-fiction - Unit 1 - Building assessment into teaching

Mixed age planning exemplar units

There are now nine additional mixed age planning units available. These units build on the existing units to show how they can be taught with pupils from two and three year groups.

A range of text types are covered by the units, including:

  • traditional stories for Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2
  • explanation texts for Years 2, 3 and 4
  • choral performance poetry for Years 4, 5 and 6

Example unit: Year 2 Literacy Planning: Non-fiction

Transition unit

A special Year 5/6 Literacy transition unit is available to help support pupils’ transition between Years 5 and 6. The unit takes a fresh approach to the poem The Highwayman by placing the pupils in the role of special investigators arguing for the case to be re-opened. The work begins in the final weeks of Year 5 and continues in the first weeks of Year 6. Advice on transfer between year groups is also contained within the unit.


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