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Science at key stages 1 and 2    (Year 2)

Unit 2A: Health and growth

About this unit

Through this unit children learn that animals (including humans) grow and reproduce. They can use ideas about feeding and growth to learn about ways we need to look after ourselves to stay healthy.

Experimental and investigative work focuses on:

  • making and recording observations and simple comparisons
  • presenting information in charts and tables
Children will also have opportunities to consider ways in which science is relevant to their personal health and to relate science to aspects of their everyday life (food, exercise, medicines), and to recognise and control hazards and risks to themselves.

This work is likely to be undertaken in relation to the school's programme for personal, social and health education and to the school's sex education policy.

This unit takes approximately 9 hours.

Sections in this unit

This unit is divided into sections. Each section contains a sequence of activities with related objectives and outcomes. You can view this unit by moving through the sections or print/download the whole unit.
1. Why we eat and drink
2. Eating different kinds of food
3. Planning a meal
4. Exercising
5. Children and young animals growing into adults
6. Looking after babies and children
7. Taking medicines
8. Medicines and safety