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Review of Early Reading: recommendations

In 2006 Sir Jim Rose completed his independent review (PDF 431 KB) of the teaching of early reading. The review report provided clear recommendations on what constitutes 'high quality phonics work'. These recommendations were also summarised in the Core Position Paper (PDF 2.3 MB) 'Phonics and early reading: an overview for headteachers, literacy leaders and teachers in schools, and managers and practitioners in Early Years settings'. All principles underpinning these recommendations have been incorporated into the revised Primary Framework for literacy and the new Early Years Foundation Stage.

Sir Jim Rose reports (PDF 36 KB) on the implementation of his recommendations.

Curriculum Changes
Minor changes have been made to the National Curriculum at Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to underpin the recommendations of the independent review of the teaching of early reading. Schools and settings have a legal obligation to follow the amended curriculum from the start of the school year 2007-08.