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The Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact (IACDI) was set up to help DFID evaluate the impact of UK aid and advises the Department for International Development (DFID) on the overall strategy, approach and priorities being adopted in its evaluation work.

The role of the Committee is to assure the independence of the evaluation function in DFID and the use of evaluation results to enhance delivery and impact of UK development assistance (IACDI Terms of Reference).

The Chair of IACDI prepares an annual letter to the Secretary of State for International Development.

IACDI's role is to oversee the evaluation function and systems employed at a strategic level, including:

  • approving the evaluation work programme
  • ensuring the evaluation approach is independent and effective
  • monitoring how far evaluation ouputs are used and followed up in practice

IACDI works in a transparent way, publishing minutes of its meetings and consulting on the proposed future work plan of DFID evaluations. The Committee welcomes comments and suggestions on its work at all times.