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Yorkshire Forward works alongside the various sector skills councils, and other national and regional organisations, to ensure that the necessary workforce skills are in place to allow industry to thrive in Yorkshire & Humber:


Yorkshire Forward works alongside the various sector skills councils, and other national and regional organisations, to ensure that the necessary workforce skills are in place to allow industry to thrive in Yorkshire & Humber:

The sector skills councils

We work closely with most of the national sector skills councils (whose task it is to help businesses to meet their skills needs) to help them achieve their objectives within Yorkshire & Humber. See our list of sector skills councils.

National Skills Academy

The National Skills Academy (NSA) is a network of employer-led world-class centres of excellence, delivering the skills required by each sector of the economy.

Other useful organisations and initiatives:
  • Directions Finningley CIC Airport and Aviation Academy
    The Robin Hood Airport, near Doncaster, will create 7,000 jobs by 2017. Directions Finningley CIC is the central point for all employers and individuals working, or seeking to work, in the airport & aviation sector. The focus is on supporting businesses which will develop at the airport, and individuals who want to work in aviation. 
  • Regional Language Network
    Businesses which would like to export should not need to lose their competitive edge, or fail to win business, simply because they don’t have the appropriate language skills. The Regional Language Network Yorkshire & Humber, co-funded by Yorkshire Forward and UKTI, raises the profile of business language skill needs in both the public and private sectors.
  • Regional Food Group Yorkshire & Humber (RFG)
    The RFG’s skills division offers products and services to tackle skills shortages in the food and drink sector. Practical and relevant online training helps to develop accredited in-house skills around demanding workloads, enabling staff to achieve entry-level qualifications in food hygiene and health and safety, and providing evidence of compliance with food audits. Training content can be developed in any language. Read a PDF about online skills training.
  • Manufacturing Masters
    Manufacturing Masters is a unique set of practical learning programmes to develop employees of manufacturing businesses for driving change and improvement.  The programme includes an MSc in Manufacturing Leadership at the highest level, to a Postgraduate Certificate in Manufacturing Excellence, through to a number of City & Guilds Licentiateship Modules to target specific operational problems. Each level combines on-the-job learning and in company project work to maximise the bottom line benefits, giving manufacturing employees the knowledge and confidence to tackle real life problems and handle strategic change. The programme is available to manufacturing companies within Yorkshire & Humber, and is delivered by YFM Business Development in conjunction with the University of Leeds.
  • National Metals Technology Centre (Namtec)
    For the advanced engineering and materials (AEM) sector to increase its international competitiveness, training in advanced methods is required in such areas as powder metallurgy, surface engineering and composites. Yorkshire Forward has invested in a Namtec programme to identify the technology skills which will needed over the next 10 years, giving the region the capacity to integrate these technologies into businesses. The programme supports employer involvement in improving the competitiveness of the sector, enabling industry to shape investment and training provision. 
  • White Rose Health Innovation Partnership
    The White Rose Health Innovation Partnership  (WRHIP) is a collaboration between universities within the region and from America. It works with industry, centres for industrial collaboration and the NHS to identify emerging skills needs in healthcare technologies and to accelerate innovation in technologies, methodologies and practices within the healthcare technologies sector.
  • Electronics Yorkshire
    Electronics Yorkshire provides a dedicated training centre which delivers IPC and tailored courses to businesses and individuals in the electronics sector. It incorporates some of the latest leading-edge equipment, which businesses can access for their own use and for training. Electronics Yorkshire also operates a membership network for electronics businesses throughout the region, promoting collaboration and complimentary services to benefit individual businesses and the sector as a whole.