Statement from Christine Gilbert, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector on the outcome of the judicial review

'You will appreciate that we have only just received the judgement and we need to study it in detail but I am pleased that the Judge’s conclusion is clear: Ofsted’s inspection process has been vindicated.

Ofsted takes its role in inspecting the protection arrangements for vulnerable children very seriously. I am pleased, therefore, that the Judge has found in our favour in this judicial review. We carried out a robust inspection, came to a sound conclusion based on the evidence and acted fairly.

The inspection team did a professional and rigorous job and we are pleased that they have been vindicated through the intense scrutiny of the court process.

The case never challenged Ofsted’s inspection judgement that child protection services in Haringey in November 2008 were inadequate and children who were ‘at risk’ were not being protected securely enough. We believe that the inspection report at the centre of this case, and our two follow up inspections, have made a substantial contribution to improving the protection of vulnerable children in Haringey.

I hope today’s judgement gives the public reassurance. Ofsted inspectors will continue to report without fear or favour wherever they identify that arrangements for protecting vulnerable children are not good enough.'