What happens next

We will assess your application as follows.

  • We check your application. If you have provided incomplete information, not included a CRB disclosure or have not paid the fee, we will return your application to you.
  • We review the information you have provided and ask for professional references.
  • We arrange to interview you. This is to assess whether you are 'fit' to run a social care service
  • We arrange to visit your service (residential services only); this is to assess whether your premises are also fit to provide residential care for children and young people.


The law says that you have to be of 'integrity and good character'.

This means that you have to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. You also need to be physically and mentally fit to run the service, and have relevant qualifications, skills and experience.

We will then make one of three decisions. These are to:

  • grant your application (this means we approve it)
  • grant it with conditions
  • refuse it.


If you are going to run a children’s home, conditions will apply to your registration relating to:

  • the age range and category of children and young people who can use the service
  • the number of places.


Occasionally, other conditions will apply as well. You must meet all conditions.

If we grant registration with conditions that we have not previously agreed with you, or if we refuse your application, you will have the right to appeal against our decision.

Once we have granted registration, you can start to run the service.