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A focus on improvement: consultation report

Ofsted has undertaken a wide-ranging consultation on the proposals for new maintained school inspection arrangements. Below you will find the consultation document and the subsequent evaluation report. The evaluation report summarises the responses to Ofsted’s consultation on the proposals for maintained school inspections from September 2009.


Evaluation report


The original consultation
  • 16 Oct 2008
  • Ref 080200
  • Ofsted

A single inspectorate for children and learners: Ofsted's response to the DfES consultation paper

This document is a response to the DfES consultation on the proposal to create an enlarged Ofsted as a single inspectorate for children and learners.

  • 01 Nov 2005
  • Ofsted

A study of children and young people who present challenging behaviour - literature review

This literature review was commissioned – by Ofsted as part of a large-scale survey to inform the report Managing challenging behaviour. Ofsted commissioned the University of Birmingham to carry out this research to inform subsequent fieldwork. The purpose of this research is to review published material to determine the range of characteristics and definitions of challenging behaviour used by academic researchers and practitioners

  • 03 Mar 2005
  • Ofsted

Access and achievement in urban education

The influential Access and achievement in urban education was published in 1993. It is only available as a photocopy:

  • for purchase from the TSO
  • downloadable in five parts as a pdf.

Access and achievement in urban education - the original access and achievement schools, ten years on is a suite of seven documents that provides an update to the original.

  • 20 Nov 2003
  • Ofsted

Achievement of Bangladeshi heritage pupils

This survey explores the educational experience of Bangladeshi pupils in English schools. The schools were chosen to reflect schools of different types in the local education authorities which have relatively high numbers of Bangladeshi pupils. The proportion of Bangladeshi pupils in the schools ranged from 11% to 59%.

  • 07 May 2004
  • Ref 513
  • Ofsted

Achievement of Black Caribbean pupils

To establish a fuller basis of information, data from inspections and on attainment and exclusions were analysed for secondary schools with 10% or more Black Caribbean pupils. Based on 2000 data, there were 129 such schools, which between them cater for about 40% of the Black Caribbean pupil population. These 129 schools are referred to as the ‘survey schools’. The 47 schools that were able to respond are referred to as the ‘sample schools’.

  • 26 Apr 2002
  • Ref 448
  • Ofsted

Achievement of Black Caribbean pupils: three successful primary schools

This report focuses on three successful schools which provide an environment in which Black Caribbean pupils flourish. The study involved detailed examination of the schools’ data, documentation, pupil records and systems. The first part of the report examines the common features of the schools. The case studies that follow exemplify those features in the different contexts of the three schools.

  • 26 Apr 2002
  • Ref 447
  • Ofsted

Advanced skills teachers - 2002/03

Advanced skills teachers were introduced to help schools attract and retain excellent teachers and to increase staff motivation, raise pupils’ achievement levels and broaden the skills and knowledge base of schools. In 2001, Ofsted published a report on its 1999/2000 survey. This report is based on a survey of a larger sample in 2002/03.

  • 31 Oct 2003
  • Ref 1767
  • Ofsted

Advanced skills teachers: appointment, deployment and impact

This report describes a survey of advanced skills teachers (ASTs) by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI) in the academic year 1999/2000. The purpose of the survey was to examine how the skills of ASTs had been used to raise the standards of teaching and learning within their own schools, and also in outreach settings in other schools. The impact on the pay and management structures of the schools was also assessed, as was the degree of support ASTs were receiving. The survey was in two parts. The inspection was completed before the introduction of the new performance management and threshold arrangements for teachers.

  • 01 Jan 2001
  • Ref 273
  • Ofsted

An employment-based route into teaching

The designation of recommending bodies is an interim stage on the way to full accreditation as a provider of initial teacher training. One of the purposes of the three-year inspection programme that started in September 2003 was to provide information on individual designated recommending bodies to assist the TTA with the accreditation process.

  • 24 Jan 2005
  • Ref 2406
  • Ofsted