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Ten questions for local authorities and others supporting early years and childcare provision

1. How do you propose to improve the quality of provision to help ensure it is all good or outstanding?
2. How do you make sure children’s experiences are of a high quality?
3. How do you make use of the best practice to help improve other provision?
4. How well do you support settings in deprived areas to provide high quality against the odds?
5. What are you doing to narrow the gaps in outcomes for children?
6. How do you target training and support to where it counts most, including for childminders and out-of-school schemes?
7. How do you focus support for providers newly registered, and for those registered longer?
8. What do you do to help prevent failure, and where it happens to reverse it quickly in every case?
9. What lasting impact does your follow-up of inadequate provision have?
10. What do you do to increase the pace of continuous improvement?

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