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CPA - Contents and operation of the education profile for the 2003–04 comprehensive performance assessment

Updated 5 December 2003 These notes describe the operation of the education profile for comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) for 2003-04 and the indicators that are used, along with details of the data sources and the periods that they cover. Ofsted is collecting the data to be used in the model as it becomes available. This process will be completed in time to allow LAs to verify the data to be used in their CPA education assessment for 2003.

05 Dec 2003 | Ofsted |

Anonymous Pre-Inspection Statistical Report for the 14-19 Area Inspection

The 14-19 Area Pre-Inspection Statistical Report has been developed to support the 14-19 area inspection process. This report aims to bring together key information about the area and will be used in connection with the inspection of the area. There will be further developments of this report over the coming months to make more use of data that are currently available.

02 Dec 2003 | Ofsted |

Pre-Inspection Statistical Report (PISR) Guidance Notes for Area 14-19 Inspections 2003-2004

These notes aim to provide brief interpretation guidance on the data provided by Ofsted’s Research and Analysis Division and the ALI in the Pre-Inspection Statistical Report (PISR).

02 Dec 2003 | Ofsted |

Ofsted plan for the professional development of independent inspectors - January 2004-April 2005

This is the fourth Ofsted plan for the professional development of inspectors and aims to build on the training for all inspectors in the new inspection framework that has taken place in the last few months. It is vital that all inspectors’ knowledge and skills are further developed to the highest possible level.

27 Nov 2003 | Ofsted |

Handbook for inspecting Connexions partnerships

This Handbook provides guidance for Connexions partnerships and for inspectors on the implementation of Connexions partnerships.

18 Nov 2003 | HMI 1850 | Ofsted |

Promoting and evaluating pupils' Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development & Evaluating secondary citizenship - Two courses

A revised version of this document was published on 21 October 2003, with a complete list of training providers. These courses are intended for use in local authorities and schools, and are based on similar courses for Ofsted inspectors. The document provides details of the course objectives as well as a list of licensed providers who deliver the courses according to Ofsted guidelines.

21 Oct 2003 | Ofsted |

School place planning - The influence of school place planning on school standards and social inclusion

This report considers two questions: can a local authority’s management of school places help to improve standards in schools and promote social inclusion and, if so, how? The report has two main sections:

  • The first considers ways in which local authorities can work more effectively within the whole council and more widely with schools and other admission authorities, particularly in terms of forging partnerships within the education department (or its equivalent);
  • The second section looks more closely at how authorities are tackling particularly difficult issues, for example the polarisation between popular and unpopular schools, polarisation on racial and religious grounds and the mobility of pupils.

13 Oct 2003 | HMI 587 | Ofsted |

Special educational needs in the mainstream

This report summarises the findings from a series of inspections designed to throw light on factors to promote the inclusion of pupils with SEN, who were educated in mainstream primary and secondary schools but whose needs might previously have been catered for in special schools. In this report inclusion means the process of educating children with special educational needs (SEN) alongside their peers in mainstream schools.

25 Sep 2003 | HMI 511 | Ofsted |

School funding: strategies adopted by local authorities

This inspection was carried out by Ofsted in conjunction with the Audit Commission. The inspection examined the promotion of effective and autonomous resource management by schools. Inspectors looked at the roles played by both local authorities (LAs) and central government. The aim was to identify what promotes, or inhibits, effective work in schools.

19 Sep 2003 | HMI 1629 | Ofsted |

Literature search on improving boys’ writing

This literature search was commissioned by Ofsted to ensure that the findings of past research were taken fully into account in devising the methodology for the inspection reported in Yes he can: Schools where boys write well. It is presented here to support those wishing to undertake further study or conduct investigations into boys’ writing.

19 Sep 2003 | Ofsted |