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Numbers of Teaching Assistants and Other Support Staff (FTE), Maintained Schools Metadata

Teaching AssistantsOther Support Staff
East Midlands Region5,07014,8209,7505,97014,5208,550
East of England Region6,08021,15015,0709,62018,3408,720
London Region8,21029,64021,43010,87022,61011,740
North East Region2,9108,6005,6902,8607,7104,850
North West Region8,91027,61018,7008,91019,74010,830
South East Region10,09027,94017,85014,21028,73014,520
South West Region5,03015,22010,1908,04017,6409,600
West Midlands Region7,23020,40013,1707,35017,77010,420
Yorkshire and The Humber Region7,74020,15012,4107,37017,69010,320

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Numbers of Teachers (FTE), Maintained Schools Metadata

East Midlands Region14,95015,88093016,20019,1402,940
East of England Region19,09020,1601,07021,43025,5304,100
London Region27,88030,6102,73024,18031,8607,680
North East Region9,9109,380-53010,47011,5401,070
North West Region28,03026,400-1,63026,59029,6403,050
South East Region27,58029,5001,92027,58033,5806,000
South West Region16,40017,5401,14017,21020,9503,740
West Midlands Region21,03021,39036021,02024,6703,650
Yorkshire and The Humber Region19,06019,40034019,66021,9102,250

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Pupil Teacher Ratios for Maintained Primary and Secondary Schools Metadata

East Midlands Region24.421.9-2.51716.3-0.7
East of England Region2321.7-1.316.616.70.1
London Region21.921.2-0.715.915.3-0.6
North East Region23.820.8-317.115.4-1.7
North West Region23.921.4-2.516.615.3-1.3
South East Region23.221.3-1.916.716.3-0.4
South West Region23.721-2.717.116.1-1
West Midlands Region23.621.2-2.416.915.7-1.2
Yorkshire and The Humber Region24.121.7-2.417.216-1.2

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Average salary of full-time regular qualified teachers in local authority maintained nursery, primary, secondary, special schools and pupil referral units. £'s Metadata

East Midlands Region22,80036,44013,640
East of England Region22,79036,75013,960
London Region24,51041,40016,890
North East Region22,46037,01014,550
North West Region22,65036,92014,270
South East Region22,64036,66014,020
South West Region22,70036,44013,740
West Midlands Region22,66036,87014,210
Yorkshire and The Humber Region22,69036,64013,950

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National Summary

Teaching Assistants - in 2009 there were 185,530 teaching assistants in Maintained Schools up from 61,260 in 1997.

Other Support Staff - in 2009 there were 164,750 full time equivalent other support staff in Maintained Schools up from 75,200 in 1997.

Numbers of Teachers - in 2009 there were 190,270 full time equivalent teachers in Maintained Primary Schools up from 183,930 in 1997. In Maintained Secondary Schools there were 218,830 full time equivalent teachers in 2009 up from 184,330 in 1997.

Pupil Teacher Ratios - in 2009 the pupil : teacher ratio for Maintained Primary Schools was 21.4 down from 23.4 in 1997. For Maintained Secondary Schools the pupil : teacher ratio in 2009 was 15.9 down from 16.7 in 1997.

The average salary of full-time regular qualified teachers, in local authority maintained nursery, primary, secondary, special schools and pupil referral units in 2008 was £37,350 up from £22,920 in 1997.

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