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Sponsoring migrants under the points-based system

This section explains the role of employers and education providers under the points-based system.

The concept of sponsorship is at the heart of the points-based system. If you want to employ a migrant or enrol a migrant as a student, you must be their sponsor during their stay in the United Kingdom (unless they are coming here for six months or less in certain circumstances). And before you can sponsor a migrant, you must obtain a sponsor licence.

Here you can find out whether you can be a sponsor, how to apply for a sponsor licence, how you can sponsor migrants once you have a licence, and what your duties are as a sponsor.

How do I sponsor a migrant?

Full details of how you can obtain a sponsor licence and sponsor migrants under the points-based system.

Quick guides

An introduction to the points-based system, plus summaries of the role of sponsors and the process of sponsorship.

Getting started

Straightforward tools to help you apply for a sponsor licence.

Case studies

Employers share their experiences of sponsorship.

Help and support

Details of our sponsorship helpline and our list of approved third-party advisers.