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Statistics on football-related arrests and banning orders 2005-2006

Statistical highlights

  • Arrests for football-related offences down by 7%, to 3,462 - this follows on from a 11% decrease in 2004­-5 and a 10% decrease in 2003-4. This represents a 22% reduction over three years after annual adjustments.
  • A 7% increase in the number of current football banning orders? up to 3,387 on 10 October 2006, from 3,153 on 4 October 2005. This represents 995 new banning orders imposed during the period. Orders are time limited and expiring all the time.
  • There remains a lingering domestic football disorder problem but for the second year running the total number of arrests at League and Cup matches was the lowest since records began.
  • League attendances in excess of 29 million saw just 2,651 arrests – an arrest rate of less than 0.01, or one arrest per 10,973 spectators.
  • During the season an average of 1.15 arrests were made per match.
  • One arrest or less was made at 80% of matches.
  • No arrests were made at 68% of all matches.
  • 17% decrease in arrests at European club competition matches (home and abroad).
  • Importantly a 32% decrease in arrests for violent disorder - the worst types of football­-related violent crime, this follows a 32% decrease in 2004-­5.
  • 11% decrease in arrests for public order offences.
  • 43% of all matches were police free – thus freeing police resources to deal with local police and community priorities.
  • Overall 52% of total arrests outside and away from grounds. 56% of arrests for violent or public disorder outside of grounds.


Date: Mon Oct 23 00:00:00 BST 2006

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