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Climate change

UK leads campaign for a legally binding climate change treaty following negotiations in Copenhagen.

A Pakistani gas station employee adjusts a price board showing the newly fixed fuel prices in Karachi (Getty images)

First meeting on funds for climate action

Members of the Climate Change Financing High Level Advisory Group discussed new sources of finance to support the process of adaption and mitigation.

Ice on the Han river in Seoul, South Korea. (Getty images)

Climate science

A Met Office review confirms our planet is changing and man-made greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be the cause.

Iraqi labourer works at an oil refinery in Nasiriyah (Getty images)

FCO climate change plan

Find out how we are adapting our policies and practices to account for the consequences of climate change.

The road to Copenhagen

December 2009 (iStockphoto)

In December 2009, the world came together to agree a new international agreement to tackle climate change


Cambodian children walking through a flooded rice field in Cambodia.Impoverished countries like Cambodia are among some of the worst-hit byclimate change, say experts (Getty images)

Foreign Office priorities include: promoting low carbon technologies and low carbon economies

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