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Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators


This evaluation was carried out by Rob Pearson, FCO Digital Diplomacy Group's user experience consultant. Rob was not involved in the London Summit site project until this evaluation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were evaluated using the following:

  • The site's web analytics
  • Publicly accessible web analytics such as Google Trends
  • A survey carried out with subscribers to the London Summit site (286 responses)

Unlike the analytics data, survey data is not necessarily representative of visitors generally. However, it is reasonable to consider this data as indicative, and as such it has been used in this evaluation.


13 KPIs were defined to evaluate the success of the London Summit web presence:

  • 3 were fully met
  • 4 were partially met
  • 4 were not met
  • 2 could not be assessed because of insufficient data


Click on a KPI for more detail.

1. The focal point for engaging and shaping global opinions

Fully met1.1. is most authoriatative site for "London Summit" according to major search engines.

Partially met1.2. Influential sites in every target country link back and quote from .

Fully met1.3. All visitors find it quick and easy to find the info they are looking for.

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2. Authoritative provision of in-depth briefings on Summit

Not met2.1. All unclassified policy papers accessible from in web friendly form.

Partially met2.2. Only the highest-quality content goes on the site based on the content guidelines. If it doesn't help to achieve an objective is doesn't go on.

Not met2.3. At least four expert bloggers providing authoritative real time content for London Summit .

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3. Effective operational functions for 2,000 journalists

Not met3.1. Media Centre regarded by journalists as most respected Government media site ever.

Partially met3.2. Live streaming of all press conferences / keynote speeches.

Partially met3.3. The site is reliable (minimal down time) and meets AA accessibility at all times .


4. Respected platform for discussion and debate

Not met4.1. Seamless integration with all partner engagement sites.

Insuffcient data4.2. Clear evidence of link between pre-summit web debate and post-summit outcomes.

Fully met4.3. Visitors return to the site, go to other areas of our London Summit web presence or subscribe to feeds/emails.

Insuffcient data4.4. The site (and related wider web-presence) becomes a best-in-class example of digital engagement.

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