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Pursue, protect, prevent and prepare



Disrupting plots and bringing terrorists to justice.

Work in this area includes:

  • gathering intelligence and improving our ability to identify and understand the terrorist threat
  • taking action to frustrate terrorist attacks and to bring terrorists to justice
  • working with our allies to strengthen our intelligence and disrupt terrorist groups around the world

Working tirelessly

Terrorists operate in secret, so intelligence is vital to uncovering and stopping their work.

In recent years, many plots have been stopped, and many terrorists have been brought to justice. But we are not complacent, and we know we must work tirelessly to stay ahead of terrorists.  

Increases in funding in recent years has meant we're able to recruit more police officers and intelligence staff to disrupt terrorists. We work closely with other governmental agencies and with governments around the world to find and break up terrorist plots.

The government has also introduced new laws that help with this work. New offences include:

  • preparing for terrorist acts
  • training for terrorism
  • visiting terrorism training locations
  • handing out terrorist publications

Control orders and other methods

We prosecute suspected terrorists in the courts whenever we can; in the tiny number of cases where we can’t, we use other measures.

These include:

  • control orders to restrict someone's movements and contacts
  • excluding certain foreign nationals from entering the UK
  • revoking citizenship
  • deportation

We can also proscribe groups involved in terrorism.

In the future

Over the next three years we intend to:

  • increase our work detecting and investigating suspected terrorists
  • increase the effectiveness of prosecutions
  • develop more effective alternatives to prosecution
  • disrupt more terrorist activities overseas
  • strengthen the ties between our counter-terrorism effort in the UK, and counter-insurgency work in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere

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