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Communicating for Confidence

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Communicating for Confidence is intended to support front line delivery partners such as Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, Community Safety Partnerships, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Drug and Alcohol Action Teams, with evidence and practical advice on building public confidence in the work being done to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour via communications.

Title: Communicating for Confidence
Author: Home Office
Date published: May 2009
Availability: See below

Communicating for Confidence is made up of 2 main parts:

Communicating for Confidence: A practical guide

This provides practical communication support covering detailed advice on how to write a communications plan through to advice on which channels could be used to communicate to the public about action that has been taken.

Communicating for Confidence: Insight and research

This provides details of the range of factors which can affect confidence and perceptions of crime, why communications is important and how, working with policy initiatives and local activity it can have a positive impact on public confidence.

Last update: Friday, May 15, 2009

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