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  Training Needs Analysis  

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Welcome to the Learning Zone Training Needs Questionnaire. 

This questionnaire has been designed to help you identify your learning and development needs and some of the ways in which they can be met. It does this by asking you about the type of work you do, the kind of background knowledge that would be useful to you and the type of crime and disorder problems you deal with.

How to complete this questionnaire 
The questionnaire is broken down in to three sections:

  • Types of Crime and Disorder
    Looks at the types of crime and disorder problems you might be dealing with

  • Skills
    Asks about the activities you carry out at work

  • The Wider Picture
    Looks at general topics on crime reduction and criminology that can provide a useful background to your work.

Each section contains questions designed to help you identify where you require further information or learning. At the beginning of each section there is an introduction on how to complete it. When you have completed this questionnaire, the results page will show the type of learning and information you have requested, the frequency with which you complete certain tasks and a suggested order of priority for learning.

Help with completing the questionnaire
Before you work through this questionnaire you may find it useful to:

  • look at your job description if you have one

  • talk to a colleague or someone who has carried out similar work

  • speak to your line manager.

What to do with the results
Your results will help you prioritise what you need to learn and you can use them to:

  • discuss your training needs with your line manager and colleagues

  • search the Learning Zone Course finder for relevant courses

  • browse the Learning Zone On-line learning area for information about learning packages

  • search the Crime Reduction Website for information and other sites of interest

  • match up your needs with suitable local or internal learning opportunities.

About you
Fill in the boxes below before completing the questionnaire. 
This information will only be displayed on your results page and will not be passed to any third party. 



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Last update:  30 March 2004