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How to use the UK Trade Tariff

The UK Trade Tariff is an easy-to-use online tool which gives you free, direct access to current trading information on taxes and levies, rebates, preferences, restrictions and other information supplied by HM Revenue & Customs on all imports to and exports from the European Union. It enables you to find commodity codes that accurately describe your goods, as well as a full list of duties and other measures such as taxes, rebates and conditions that apply to any code.

This guide contains detailed information to help you personalise your use of the UK Trade Tariff to trade more efficiently.

For intermediate information see our guide: introduction to the Tariff.

You can use our UK Trade Tariff to find commodity codes to classify goods for import and export.

Subjects covered in this guide

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Using the UK Trade Tariff


How to use the UK Trade Tariff


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What is the UK Trade Tariff?


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Looking up a commodity code


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Personalising the UK Trade Tariff


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Finding measures for a commodity


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