The Departmental Board

Members of the Board are the heads of DCSF directorates who, with the Permanent Secretary, meet each month to discuss the Department’s work. There are also two non-executive Board members to provide external perspectives and act as ‘critical friends’.

The Board aims to discuss all strategic policy or management issues. These might range from secondary school policy to the Department’s pay strategy, to relationships with key partners.

Summaries of meetings are published here within two weeks of the meeting.

PDF 26 January 2010 [pdf, 9kb]
PDF 27 November 2009 [pdf, 9kb]
PDF 22 October 2009 [pdf, 9kb]
PDF 22 September 2009 [pdf, 9kb]
PDF 28 July 2009 [pdf, 13kb]
PDF 6 July 2009 [pdf, 13kb]
PDF 4 April 2009 [pdf, 9kb]
PDF 28 January 2009 [pdf, 13kb]

Executive Management Board

The same Board members also met once a month as the Executive Management Board (EMB) to advise on the allocation of the Department’s financial and human resources to achieve its aims and objectives. The EMB has now been wound up and its business has been subsumed into other senior management discussions.

Summaries of the EMB meetings in 2009 are available below.

PDF 17 March 2009 [pdf, 12kb]
PDF 20 January 2009 [pdf, 16kb]