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The mental health bloggers

Will-R became depressed 5 years ago after his mum died and has recently started having anxiety attacks
JustEliza says she's 'spent most of my life trying to solve the puzzle that is me'
ToadofToadHall is a mental health nurse who was in denial about 'the big D'
Piggles aka Emma still struggles to come to terms with being diagnosed with depression. She's eager to chat
Scarlett1984 describes herself as a 'smiling depressive'
sea1 wants help and advice on how to stop her depression disrupting her life
don'tcare finds CBT helps her depression, but she still has many low days
Optimist at Heart thought she'd conquered the 'demon' of depression, but now finds it has crept back
Everybody lies feels like she can't allow herself to be happy
GaryP is 16, suffers from depression and recently got over agoraphobia
is worried she may relapse after an up and down Christmas and New Year
DarkClouds has recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
Soulmamma is a compulsive list maker and sets herself 3 'happy tasks' per day
Davidsmurthwaite writes about technology and mental health
Booa26 has been suffering on and off with depression, anxiety and eating disorders since she was 14
BigJen is a former practice nurse who has depression, MS and diabetes and 'the best hubby in the world'
DanielS is a web editor and music & film lover who has had clinical depression since his teens
AdamM is 30, a writer and project manager
Laurey is 22 and was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder at Christmas 2008

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Nothing in this blog should be taken as medical advice and the opinions are personal and not those of the NHS. If you have any concerns about your health you should contact your GP or use our medical advice now section.

Mental healthcare: new horizons

New Horizons in Mental Health is a new approach to adult mental health services in England. It aims to help everyone have better mental health.

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