Local government

Public attitudes to directly elected mayors

In July 2001, the Department commissioned IFF Research Ltd (an independent market research company) to undertake telephone surveys of representative random samples of the public in ten local authority areas across the country (three 'core' cities, two London boroughs and three 'secondary' cities). 

This report and summary presents information on the basic analysis of responses to the survey  and, in particular, residents' attitudes to their local authority, voting, and present and potential political leadership. A key issue in this report is attitudes to directly elected mayors; the difference people think such a person might make to the way things are run in their area and to their involvement in the political process.

Note: The responsibilities of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) transferred to Communities and Local Government in May 2006. All references to ODPM in the following pages now refer to Communities and Local Government.

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