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Primary care, general practice and the NHS Plan: information for GPs, nurses, other health professionals and staff working in primary care in England

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    Department of Health
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    1 January 2001
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The NHS Plan is a practical blueprint which aims to secure the modern, high-quality and convenient health service required by both patients and primary care professionals. General practice has a vital role in achieving this goal. The public values and trusts family doctors but the expectations of patients are rising as they demand more convenient and quicker access to advice and treatment. GPs and other primary care staff share the desire to improve the NHS. The NHS Plan will enhance the role of primary care and put in place the policies and investment to expand and improve services and standards. This paper lists 23 points showing what the NHS Plan will mean. It then outlines the vision for primary care and the commitment to general practice and highlights the main areas for investment in primary care which include people, premises and equipment.

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