Tenant participation and empowerment

Tenant empowerment is at the heart of the Government's drive to ensure that decent homes are available to all who rent from social housing landlords. Ministers expect tenants to have meaningful opportunities to participate in the day to day management of their properties and to be involved in their landlords' strategic decision making processes.

Tenant participation compacts will help to ensure that tenants have the opportunity, means and incentives to decide how they should be consulted and involved in decisions on housing strategies, investment options and on housing services.

Underpinning this important role for tenants is the provision of good quality help and support including tenant training and capacity building. The Tenant Empowerment Programme (formerly Section 16 Grant) provides a number of opportunities for tenants to develop their skills and knowledge in order to help them improve the quality of their involvement. Funding guidance can be found on the old Housing Corporation (external link) website.

Communities and Local Government retains policy responsibility for the Programme with the day-to-day operation of it managed by the Housing Corporation.

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