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Useful research and statistics related websites.  

  • Association for Geographic Information (AGI)
    the AGI represents the interests of the geographic information industry and provides a communication channel with the GI community.
  • Audit Commission
    Audit Commission is an independent public body responsible for ensuring that public money is spent economically, efficiently, and effectively in the areas of local government, housing, health, criminal justice and fire and rescue services.
  • Best Value Performance Indicators
    Communities and Local Government Local Government Performance site, providing information on all policy aspects of Best Value in England.
  • Central and Local Government Information Partnership (CLIP)
    CLIP is the main method of consultation between Central and Local Government on non-financial data and statistical issues.
  • Government Economic Service (GES)
    the Government Economic Service represents the interests of economists across all government departments.
  • Government Social Research (GSR)
    information about the social research across all government departments and its role in promoting the use of evidence in strategy, policy and delivery.
  • Government Statistical Service (GSS)
    the GSS is a decentralised organisation spread across most Government Departments. It is headed by the National Statistician and its primary function is to collect, analyse and disseminate statistics.
  • Intra-Governmental Group on Geographic Information (IGGI)
    IGGI enables Central Government to liaise effectively and exchange best practice in the use of geographic information.
  • National Statistics
    the National Statistics website, which covers Britain's economy, population and society at both national and local level.
  • The British Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (BURISA)
    BURISA is an association of practitioners whose common interest is the use and management of information and the development of information systems for services to the public.


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