Round-up of the decisions in East Midlands

In the East Midlands clusters, two office buildings will house the Department’s future operations in this area, with eight office buildings due to be vacated from spring 2010 onwards. There are no individual locations in the East Midlands.

Enquiry centre services will remain either at their current location or an alternative site nearby.

Following feasibility outcomes the original proposals published in March 2008 will go forward to implementation.

The buildings being retained are:

  • Cromwell House, Crusader Road, Lincoln
  • Lawress Hall, Riseholme Park, Riseholme, Lincoln

Buildings to be vacated from spring 2010 onwards are:

  • Ceres House, 2 Searby Road, Lincoln
  • Chantry House, 2 Lincoln Lane, Boston
  • Crown House, Heaton Street, Gainsborough
  • Crown House, 49a Castlegate, Grantham
  • Government Buildings, Holland Road, Spalding
  • Holland House, 17 High Street, Spalding
  • Kings Park House, Bridgegate Centre, Retford
  • 11-21 Millgate, Newark

Impact Assessments have been published for those buildings we intend to vacate.