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Foreign affairs

Idi Amin – September 2006

Papers released concerning Idi Amin, President of Uganda.

Anglo–Irish Agreement – June 2006

A question and answer paper prepared in advance of the 1985 Anglo–Irish Agreement.

Suez Canal Crisis, 1956

Files from 1956 concerning the nationalisation of the Suez Canal and subsequent events.

Attorney General's advice on Iraq – May 2006

Information relating to the Attorney General's legal advice on military intervention in Iraq.

General Sikorski – March 2006

Papers from 1969 relating to the Polish General Sikorski and subsequent publications questioning the responsibility for his death.

Ethiopian Famine – February 2006

Papers from 1984-85 concerning the provision of UK Aid during the Ethiopian famine.

Whitehall Coordination Group on Corruption Overseas – January 2006

This information relates to the Whitehall Coordination Group on Corruption Overseas, which is chaired by the Cabinet Office.

Oman and Cementation – December 2005

This information was in response to a request for information held on Mrs Thatcher's visit to Oman in 1981, the award of the contract for the construction of Qaboos University to Cementation Ltd which followed soon after, and the allegations of conflict of interests that were aired in 1984 concerning Mark Thatcher's financial relationship with Cementation.

Telegrams between British Government and President Roosevelt – August 2005

Two telegrams from 1941 between the British Government and President Roosevelt.

For further information concerning the Cabinet and World War Two, you may find it helpful to consult the transcripts of the Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks[External website] on The National Archives website.

Sai Baba – July 2005

This information was in response to a request for information held on the Indian religious leader Sai Baba and his organisation.

Letters of Congratulations – July 2005

Copies of letters of congratulation sent by the Prime Minister since 2000 to other Heads of Government following their successful election to office. Not all the letters sent during this period have been released.

Cabinet Joint Intelligence Committee Paper [JIC(A)(70)(SA)7]: 17 February 1970 – April 2005

This Cabinet committee paper is an approved Special Assessment of the Soviet Military Assistance for The United Arab Republic.

Statement on military action in Iraq – January 2005

The Government has received a number of requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the Attorney General's advice on the legality of the military action taken against Iraq in March 2003. This statement explains the Government's response to these requests.