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Crime Report by the Prime Minister's Strategy Adviser – September 2008

The Cabinet Office has released six slides from Phase Two of Lord Birt's report to the Prime Minister on crime during the course of an appeal to the Information Tribunal. The appeal is against a Decision Notice from the Information Commissioner. The remainder of Phase Two is being with held under section 35 of the Freedom of Information Act. Phase One of the report was released in July 2005.

Energy targets March 2006

Documents relating to the Renewable Energy target setting, from 2001 and 2003.

Reports by the Prime Minister's Strategy Adviser – July 2005

Lord Birt, the Prime Minister's Strategy Adviser, provides confidential advice to the Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers on a range of issues. His work has included reports on London, Drugs, Health, Education, Transport and Crime. The project teams for these reports included departmental officials and external advisers. All but the Crime report was produced in conjunction with the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit. Each report was produced in two phases. Phase One set out the evidence and analysis of the issues. Phase Two set out policy advice and recommendations. We are publishing the evidence and analytical phases of each of the reports (in the case of the London report, the analytical and final reports have already been published). These reports were intended to provoke discussion and contribute to debate across Government. They are not statements of Government policy.

Opposition to the Standard Community Charge – May 2005

This information released by the Cabinet Office relates to public opposition and the concerns expressed by Members of Parliament regarding the Standard Community Charge reform in Scotland in 1990.

Government policy on the MMR vaccine – March 2005

The Chief Medical Officer issued a statement to MPs in 2002 regarding the MMR vaccine. This letter, released in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, gives a summary of the Government's policy on the vaccine.

UK spending on health – March 2005

Details of discussions between 10 Downing Street and HM Treasury, relating to plans to increase the UK's spending on health to the European average, have been released by The Prime Minister's Office.

Extended pub opening hours – February 2005

The Cabinet Office have published two submissions of advice received by the Government in relation to proposed licensing changes to pub opening hours.