Ready Reckoner - Flat Rate Scheme


Use the link below to launch the Flat Rate Scheme Ready Reckoner. This handy tool can help you estimate how much VAT you will pay using the Flat Rate Scheme.

Launch the Ready Reckoner

The Ready Reckoner works out the VAT payable under the Flat Rate Scheme based on either your estimated future turnover or the information from previous VAT Returns (you will need these to hand).

Remember, the benefits of the Flat Rate Schemes are more than just financial:

  • easier record-keeping - no need to separate out the gross, VAT and net in your accounts
  • more time for you - less work doing the books so you can get on with running your business
  • fewer rules to follow - no more problems about what 'input tax' you can and cannot reclaim
  • peace of mind - less chance of mistakes, so fewer worries
  • certainty - you always know how much of your takings you will need to pay to us
$START-DATA$ title=Ready Reckoner - Flat Rate Scheme^ summary=Use the Ready Reckoner to help you estimate how much VAT your business would pay with a Flat Rate Scheme.^ doctype=General^ date=02-Apr-2009^ author=IC6062842^ $END-DATA$
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