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Hilary Armstrong speeches

Hilary Armstrong was Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Dutchy of Lancaster from May 2006 to June 2007. Here is a list of the speeches given by her during this time.

Child Poverty

Speech by Hilary Armstrong at the North East Child Poverty Conference on Friday, 8 June 2007.

Socially Excluded Families

Hilary Armstrong speech on the 20 March 2007 as part of the Familes At Risk Review conference.

Youth Justice Board Conference

Hilary Armstrong's closing speech on 8 March 2007 at the Youth Justice Board Early Intervention Conference: Young People at risk of Committing Crime and Anti–Social Behaviour.

Managing New Realities 2007

Hilary Armstrong speech for the ‘Managing New Realities 2007’ on 5 March 2007– a two day conference organised jointly by the Guardian and Pavilion, attended by a range of policy–makers and frontline practitioners. It focuses on the integrated delivery of health, social care and housing, looking at how we can achieve excellence through partnership with other sectors.

The Government's View of Prevention and the Benefits of a Scientific Approach

Hilary Armstrong spoke about delivering better outcomes for children and young people at a Rainer/Communities That Care conference at the Royal Academy on 1 December 2006.

Reaching Out: The Role of the Third Sector in Tackling Social Exclusion

Hilary Armstrong paid tribute to the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) on 30 November 2006 in her speech entitled ‘Reaching Out: The Role of the Third Sector in Tackling Social Exclusion’.

A friend for life for Looked after children

Hilary Armstrong spoke at an Institute of Education Conference, highlighting research showing that children in care need more of a voice. The Cabinet Office Minister for social exclusion talked about giving children in care a ‘friend for life’, and how government and authorities should not be afraid to intervene where care services fail to listen to children's needs.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations Breakfast Briefing

Hilary Armstrong spoke at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations on 8 November 2006 about the challenges ahead for the Government and the third sector.

“Delivering the Social Exclusion Agenda”

Hilary Armstrong's speech marking the 25th anniversary of Community Links at Leeds on 2 November 2006. She spoke about mental health, the role of the third sector to deliver better and more personalised services and the government's role in helping that happen.

Hilary Armstrong's speaks at British Urban Regeneration Association

Hilary Armstrong, Minister for Social Exclusion, made the keynote speech at the British Urban Regeneration Association annual conference on 11 October 2006. She spoke on how developing mixed communities is central to the Government's aims to tackle disadvantage and create sustainable communities.

The Fathers Matter Conference

Speech by Hilary Armstrong to the delegates at The Fathers Matter Conference on the 29 June 2006

The invisible generation: from picking up the pieces to predicting and preventing

Speech by Hilary Armstrong MP to the Institute for Public Policy Research North, 20 May 2006