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Tell your story in the arthritis blog

The arthritis blogWe're looking for more people with arthritis to tell their stories in the arthritis blog. So if you want to help others by sharing your experiences, download the registration form, follow the instructions and we'll set you up.

The arthritis bloggers

Missmeena's arthritis began with sports injuries which have been exacerbated by wear and tear
has a theory that whenever she tells the Dr things are OK, a week later they fall apart again
Kim Hicks is 28 and takes so many tablets for her RA she says 'if someone shook me I'd probably rattle'
was obsessed with RA after being diagnosed 2 years ago, but is now carrying on regardless
John Littleton
is 51 and had led a fit and active life until being diagnosed with RA last year
 is 'held together with velcro and fibreglass' and is delaying an ankle fusion as long as she can
thinks of her arthritis as a toddler who will occasionally through a huge tantrum
Helen has found Humira works for her RA and has given her the confidence to move away from her husband
has been living with psoriatic arthritis for 30 years. His methotrexate leaves him anaemic.
is 60 and has RA for 18 years, but is still bell-ringing and has had 7 tattoos this year.
Catherine is a 'sunny side up' kind of girl whose blog is entitled 'a year to good health'. She has sarcoidosis.
has psoriatic arthritis and is taking anti-TNF medication Enbrel.
is 26 and has ankylosing spondylitis. He has just begun a course of Humira.
Wonkylegs is having methotrexate injections, leflunomide, NSAIDs and pain-killers for her RA
Katykat is a cat lover with spinal stenosis who is also suffering from depression.
Emma Wells
 was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 17.
has rheumatoid arthritis and is a self-confessed hyperchondriac.
's rheumatoid arthritis worsened after she had to reduce her steroids due to early signs of cataracts.

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