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  • Charities registered for SA donate

Charities registered for SA donate

This tool helps you to find the reference code of any charity or similar body which has registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to accept your Self Assessment tax refund straight from your tax return.

  • Enter the name of the charity you'd like to donate your tax refund to and hit Go.
  • Enter the unique reference code for your charity on form SA100 Charity 'Giving your tax repayment to charity'.


Not all charities choose to register for the 'SA donate' scheme, so this is not a comprehensive list of all charities that are recognised by HMRC for tax purposes.

Find out how to give all or part of your Self Assessment tax refund directly to charity

Go to form SA100 Charity 'Giving your tax repayment to charity'

Tips on how to use SA donate search

  • Be specific
    If you are searching for a particular charity or exempt body, enter as much of its name into the search box as you can remember. This will help to limit the results of the search.
  • Avoid using punctuation
    You should avoid using full stops, commas or quotation marks in the search as these have been removed from names on the list. Apostrophes and hyphens will be recognised.
  • Avoid gaps between initials
    Where a name contains initials for example 'A J charitable trust' avoid gaps between the initials. This will help the search to identify the correct charity or exempt body without returning a large number of results.
  • Specific guidance on churches
    There are some specific changes that we have made to make the search easier to use. Parochial or parish church councils have been abbreviated to 'PCC', likewise district church councils are abbreviated to 'DCC'. All church names have had the location added to make it easier to differentiate between churches. For example Holy Trinity Church Bedford.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I do not know what charity to give to?

A. Giving to charity is a personal decision. The Charity Commission gives more information about individual charities in England and Wales. Find out more about registered charities on the Charity Commission Website (Opens new window)

Q. I cannot find the result I want

A If you cannot find the organisation you are looking for then there are a number of things that you can do.

1) Try searching on alternative names – many charities are known by more than one name

2) Try searching on part of the name Of course it may be that your charity is not on the search list because it has not registered with HMRC to use the SA donate scheme.

Q. My chosen charity or exempt body is not on the search list

A If your chosen charity is not on the search list it may not have registered for the scheme. The list will be updated quarterly during the year. You may decide to contact your charity to encourage them to register for the scheme. Alternatively you might wish to receive your tax repayment and make a gift to the charity directly.

Q. I need more help. Whom should I contact?

A If you are having trouble using the search contact HMRC Charities

Q. How do I know my payment will not go to the wrong charity?

A The unique reference code contains certain checks to ensure that typing errors do not result in your repayment going to the wrong charity. Where a code has been entered incorrectly, the repayment will be made directly to you.

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