End-of-year tasks: annual return and form filling

PAYE end-of-year tasks at a glanceA handy overview of the key tasks you need to complete at the end of the tax year, including key filing and payment deadlines

Finalising form P11 at the end of the tax yearHow to work out the final figures that go on each employee’s form P11 – it’s automatic if you use software or our P11 Calculator

File your Employer Annual Return online: P35 and P14sAll you need to know about completing your end-of-year PAYE return, and the requirement for almost all employers to file it online

Avoiding and correcting errors in your Employer Annual ReturnFind out which errors cause the greatest number of rejected end-of-year PAYE returns each year

Expenses and benefits at the end of the tax yearKey tasks if you provide expenses and benefits to your employees - including how to report them and what tax and NICs to pay

PAYE dates to remember this monthEmployer deadlines for forms, returns, payments and registrations, as well as PAYE workshops to watch for

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