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Choosing Health progress report - May 2006

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    Department of Health
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    30 May 2006
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    Choosing Health progress report May 2006
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    Electronic only
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Progress report on the Choosing Health commitments and the joint contributions of all the departments involved

The Government's Public Health White Paper, Choosing Health: making healthier choices easier, was launched in November 2004.  It set out common sense steps to help people to make healthier choices in their lives, reduce inequalities and prevent unnecessary deaths.

A delivery plan for choosing health, Delivering Choosing Health, was published on 9 March 2005. The Plan included 45 "big wins" -  key interventions that the evidence suggested would make the greatest impact on health.

Significant progress has already been made in a few short months.  In order to provide a comprehensive update on progress for such a large number of commitments it was decided to split this progress report in two:

  • Choosing Health progress report - mainly confined to a high level and includes detailed tables for each area within the Choosing Health delivery plan. These tables aim to indicate clearly whether action on the relevant commitments have been achieved are on track or significant progress made. 
  • Choosing Health summary report - highlights key achievements from across Government and the NHS demonstrating early successful delivery of Choosing Health programmes. It also provides more detailed case studies focusing on the main Choosing Health priority areas drawn from across Government departments

Together, the tables and stories provide a comprehensive report on the detailed Choosing Health commitments and a flavour of the hundreds of local and regional initiatives around the country that comprise the human experience of the small steps that are really making a difference to people's health.

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