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Making Choosing Health happen

  • Last modified date:
    31 August 2007

Delivering the priorities set out in Choosing Health will depend on promoting personal health, developing the workforce, building in research and development, and using information and intelligence.

Delivering Choosing Health

Delivering Choosing Health sets out how national and local action, and partnerships formed between communities, the NHS, voluntary and independent sector, industry, and Government will join up. The NHS and local authorities share a responsibility to improve health and wellbeing by:

  • leading community partnerships
  • delivering on national priorities and targets
  • identifying local needs and achieving local targets
  • commissioning and delivering services.

Developing the workforce

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Staff who have frequent contact with people in the community can make a big difference to their health. Choosing health through pharmacy is a resource to help make the most of pharmacists, their staff and the premises to improve health and reduce inequalities.

Public Health Information and Intelligence Taskforce

The Public Health Information and Intelligence Taskforce set up as a result of Choosing Health takes charge in developing a comprehensive public health information and intelligence strategy.

Additional links

Ambitions for Health

Ambitions for Health sets out our formal response to the recommendations contained in It's Our Health.

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