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Health Challenge England - next steps for Choosing Health: Foreword

  • Last modified date:
    8 February 2007
Caroline Flint

Caroline Flint

Good health and wellbeing is everyone's responsibility - individuals, communities, business, public services and government. In 2004 Choosing Health: Making healthy choices easier set out an ambitious agenda for change. We said we would work differently and we have been doing so. Health Challenge England describes this new approach to public health and also what we have learned over the past two years. It sets out the next steps in our strategy to support the changes we all need to make in our lives to enjoy the best possible health.

People are rising to the challenge. Today, there are 1.2 million fewer smokers than there were in 1998.

Government has a role in leading and enabling change. We are increasing our focus on delivery. Anexample is our approach to tackling geographical inequalities - almost a fifth of Spearhead areas are on track to narrow gaps in life expectancy compared to the England average by 2010.

These achievements are a testament to people's willingness to change and develop at all levels. Just as individuals have risen to their own health challenges, so too have communities, institutions and corporations.

Over the past two years we have developed new alliances for good health and wellbeing - nationally across government and with industry and voluntary organisations, locally between public services and with business and third sector partners.

These alliances encourage new approaches and challenge old ways of looking at health problems. They focus on building responses around people and their needs - where necessary underpinning those responses with national action to create the right environment for change.

Health Challenge England sets out how we want to build on those developments over the next two years, working in partnership across government and with industry and the voluntary sector to move further towards the goal of good health and wellbeing being something that every citizen can aspire to and enjoy.

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