Reporting online security issues

My last login date and time is incorrect

As an additional security measure we now show the date and time that you last logged in on our Security Message page that appears when you visit our login page. If you believe the details displayed for your last HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) login are not correct, it is important that you report the matter to our Online Services Helpdesk immediately.

Phishing emails

HMRC will never send notifications of a tax rebate by email, or ask you to disclose personal or payment information by email.

You should never disclose your personal and/or payment information in reply to an email that may look like it's from HMRC, you may well be revealing your details to a fraudulent website.

If you have received an email claiming to be from HMRC that you suspect may be fraudulent, please forward it to

However, if you have already given any of your personal information, for example your HMRC User ID, password or National Insurance number, in reply to a suspect email please forward brief details to

Please do not disclose any of your personal details or information in the email report to us. However it would help us to investigate if you would tell us the type(s) of information that you disclosed to the suspect website. For example - I gave my Name, Address, Date of Birth, bank card details, HMRC User ID etc.

Unfortunately HMRC cannot reply to every email, but please be assured that action is taken on each report received.