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With 88,000 employees, c£457 billion revenue, over 290 locations and around 40 million customers, HM Revenue and Customs is a major business with serious responsibilities:

  • Collecting Income, Corporation and Environmental taxes
  • Distributing Tax Credits
  • Managing all aspects of VAT and Customs Duty
  • Monitoring the UK’s borders and ports for illegal trade
  • Administering National Insurance and Student Loans
  • Enforcing compliance with the Minimum Wage

Quite simply, our work and the revenue we collect touches the lives of every single adult and business in the UK, from students and single mothers, to the largest multi-national corporations. We’re the business that helps keep the UK working. As such, we're completely in a league of our own.

Graduate Programme

The Graduate Development Programme exists to identify and develop people with the potential to become leaders within HMRC. There are two strands to the Graduate Development Programme:

  • Tax Professional Development Programme
  • Management Fast Track Programme

Recruitment to select trainees for these programmes normally starts in October / November with the commencement taking place in the following September.

HMRC will not be running a Graduate Recruitment scheme to recruit trainees for September 2010.

Further information regarding a training programme for September 2011 will be provided in September 2010.

Internal Nomination Scheme for Fast Stream

This programme is open to HMRC employess only.

Fast Stream application form