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Ionising radiation

The main aim of the Department’s ionising radiation policy work is to protect human health from the effects of ionising radiation. Policy can be achieved by means of regulations, guidance or by negotiation. This involves working closely with the Health Protection Agency Radiation Protection Division at Chilton who provide scientific health protection support. These world class leading scientists have a vast breadth of experience to support DH in all areas of radiation protection.  

DH also values the importance of other UK scientific experts and ensures that all scientific and clinical views are considered to help provide a balanced outcome.  Another important aspect in this field is the continued support of the radiation research programme.  

The effects of medical radiation exposure are being studied in addition to the long-standing work on the effects of radioactive materials in the environment.  DH plays a major role with the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) who provide government with scientific advice.  COMARE has produced 12 reports mainly around environmental issues associated with nuclear sites.

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