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Better Regulation for Civil Society

Better Regulation for Civil Society

Sir David Arculus, Chairman of the Better Regulation Task Force, today warned that excessive red tape burdens are putting people off voluntary and community sector work as he prepares to present the Government with the Task Force's latest study, 'Better Regulation for Civil Society'. He said:

'Around 16 million people work in voluntary and community sector organisations in the UK, many at grass roots level, making a real difference to millions of other people's lives. The sector is working in areas that the public and private sectors have failed to reach. Yet too much red tape can have a negative impact on the public's willingness for volunteering and the sector's ability to innovate and deliver.'

Sukhvinder Stubbs who led this study for the Task Force said:

'Many public services we now take for granted, such as hospitals for all, originated as social innovations from the voluntary and community sectors. Good regulation should not undermine the emergence of more creative and effective approaches to the problems we face within our society.'