Right to Acquire

The Right to Acquire gives eligible housing association tenants a statutory right to purchase the property in which they live at a discount, which varies between £9,000 - £16,000 depending on the local authority area in which the property is located.

RTA only applies to properties built or acquired by housing associations, both charitable and non charitable, with public funds from 1 April 1997 onwards. (Properties transferred from a local authority to a housing association after 1 April 1997 are also eligible.)

Some properties are exempt from RTA including those in small rural settlements and sheltered housing. Housing association tenants should ask their landlord to determine whether their home qualifies for RTA.

To be eligible for RTA a tenant must occupy a qualifying property, have spent a minimum period as a public sector tenant, and live in a self-contained flat or house which is their only home. The minimum period for those who were tenants before 18 January 2005 is two years. This was extended to five years for new tenants from 18 January 2005 by the Housing Act 2004.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) provides grant to cover the discount offered to the purchaser.

Tenants can get further details from their housing association landlord. Information about the RTA scheme is also available on the Homes and Communities Agency (external link).

For policy enquiries:

Email. rta@communities.gsi.gov.uk  
Tel. 0303 444 3790 or 8762

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