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Delivering Success

The eGU Achieving Successful Delivery Programme is an attempt to provide improved leadership to IT enabled business change programmes, while also providing development opportunities to IT professionals in the public sector.

The eGU Achieving Successful Delivery Programme has been set up to improve IT enabled business change programmes in two ways:

  1. By providing a cadre of the highest quality individuals who, through personal drive, passion and commitment, will take ownership of delivery in major government business change programmes. The long–term legacy of these appointments will be the development of a culture that can deliver long–term success.
  2. By providing specialist eGU support will also be provided at all levels to the subset of ‘Mission Critical’ (highest level) Projects that are IT enabled business change programmes

As a whole the Achieving Successful Delivery programme supports the Office of Government Commerce's (OGC) efforts to develop and embed better practices in Government IT, most notably through the Gateway Review process.

Particular effort is being placed on achieving the same improved outcomes for ‘Mission Critical’ projects that have been achieved for medium and low risk projects in recent years.

For further information on the Achieving Successful Delivery Programme please contact Chris Thirkell