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How does it work?

RSS feed logoRSS is usually said to stand for Really Simple Syndication. It works differently from an email alert. Feeds update automatically when a website changes. But you can check them as often or a little as you like.

Feeds Available

The feed is currently broken down by three different categories:

Using RSS feeds as an individual

Individuals who want to get RSS feeds delivered straight to their desktop need a news reader. This is the software that checks the feeds and lets you read new information that has been added.

There are different kinds of news readers, some accessed with a browser and some which have to be downloaded. Browser-based news readers let you pick up your feeds from any computer while downloadable readers let you store them on your main computer.

Setting up a feed differs from one reader to another, but it generally involves copying the URL of the feed from the address bar on your browser and pasting it into the reader.

Some of the available news readers are:

For PC users

For Mac users

Web based reader